How To Guide

  1. Register :
    • To create a campaign you must be register on starcampaigns. To register on starcampaigns click on Register link on top navigation.
    • After submitted your registration details we will send a verification link on your email id to verify your account.
    • Click on the link you received on your email to verify your account.
  2. Login :
    • Click on Login button link present on the top navigation. Once you logged In to our application then you can create campaigns.

  3. Create Campaign :
    • To create a new campaign you must be logged In. Click on My Campaigns button present on top left navigation. You will see the following screen after clicking on My Campaigns button.

    • Click on Add New Campaign button present just below the top left navigation menu.
    • After clicking on Add New Campaign link button the following form will open and then fill your campaign details in this form and click on Create button to submit your campaign.

    • After submission of campaign you will see this "Success! Campaign has been created. Admin approval needed." on your screen with your campaign listed on all campaigns listing page.
    • The current "Approval" state of your newly created campaign would be pending and we will Approve your campaign after reviewing your campaign by our team.
    • You will get a notification email on your registered email id once we approve your campaign.
    • Once we approved your campaign then you can download script file or code from script column.
    • To download script file or code click on Download or View Script link present under script column on every campaign. This script code will be unique for every campaign. See the following screen for your reference :

    • Once you downloaded or copied your campaign script code then insert or copy this script code at the top of your index.php file of safe page url (The website where your script is placed. Where do we send human reviewers, bots, crawlers and spy tools.)
  4. Campaign Status :Please understand the following four state we have for campaign status.
    • Not Yet Started : Campaign will redirect to safe page( Where do we send human reviewers, bots, crawlers and spy tools.) and we will log details.
    • Active : Campaign will redirect to money page (Where do we send legit visitors) and we will log details.
    • Passive : Campaign will redirect to safe page we will log details but do not save any ip address into our black list.
    • Stop : Campaign always redirect to safe page and campaign do not log anything.
  5. Search Campaign :
    • Click on Search Campaign button present below the top right navigation menu then the following search form will open.

    • Please fill your campaign details like campaign nema, website etc. to search your campaign and then click on search button. The result will display your search campaign.
  6. View Campaign :
    • To view campaign click on View Details button present under Action column for every campaign.
    • View Details : When you click on view details button for a particular campaign you can see the Campaign logs details(Like IP, browser, location, isbot, status etc ) for this campaign.
  7. Edit Campaign :
    • To update or edit any campaign click on Edit button present under Action column for every campaign.
  8. Delete Campaign :
    • To delete any campaign click on Delete button present under Action column for every campaign.